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Date of birth:
70 kg
170 cm
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Higher education:
sport. management
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Andrew Henderson

My journey

I play football and do sports since I was a kid. I may name myself ambitious and having strong will power. I was playing volleyball for 5 years and basketball for 2 years when I was in school. Despite my height (I’m 170cm) I’ve earned two second senior degrees in these sports.

I have a lot of gratitude letters and achievements in different sports like football, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, track-and-field etc. I started football freestyle by chance – when I finished my school I have lost interest in playing football and other team sports, I was looking for something individual, sports that will make my progress independent on others.

I found a video that inspired and impressed me – two football freestylers that handled the ball so good. I never knew that such sport exists but felt from that very moment that this is what I like to do, this sport I will dedicate myself from now on.

Superball 2015 | 1/4
Final | Rookie battle

What helps me to grow is my strict training plan, self-motivation and contacts with new people that inspire me.  After 10 months of freestyle trainings I decided to participate in World Championship 2015 in Czech Republic. Only in 2015 they’ve represented new event – Rookie battle. And I’ve won! I became first World Champion in Football Freestyle Rookie Battle, that was amazing and I won’t stop!